What therapies do we offer

Therapies we offer

At northernlightscounselling we use an integrative model which combines a counselling or talking therapies approach with other research based therapeutic interventions which will help with specific issues. We have based our therapeutic approach on that used by Chrysalis which is a not for profit company. Northernlights counselling believes that psychotherapy provides additional skills, expertise and knowledge of practical techniques. By combining therapies and models to address your individual needs we feel that you get the best approach based upon our professional assessment of your need. The approach we use is known as T.I.M.E, and has been developed by Chrysalis. Time matches and mixes the best techniques so that we can help and support you fully in every aspect. TIME stands for: T temporal which uses the past present and future to help get to the core of your issues. In many cases it is difficult to know what is going wrong in the present without understanding how your past has affected the present. Similarly an exploration of past and present can really help determine your future path. I Interventional means we use a range of therapeutic interventions in order to help you understand your difficult situations. We use the skills and knowledge of our counsellors and therapists to assess your needs and put an action plan together. M Multi-modal This means that as part of your support we may use a number of different models such as a Freudian approach , a behaviourist approach, a transactional approach, a Rogers client centred approach or a combination of models to best deal with your situation. E Empathetic At Northernlights we know that the client is the most important part of the therapeutic process and that ultimately it will be your insights and understanding which provide the solutions to your difficulties. As counsellors/ therapists we are with you, standing beside you to encourage you to face your difficulties. T look in the mirror and reflect and to change negatives to positives.