What is Counselling or Therapy ?

There are many misconceptions about therapeutic counselling and this is an explanation of how we at northernlightscounselling view counselling and therapy and why we think so many of us need it from time to time in our lives today.
Counselling is sometimes called talking therapies because it allows you to discuss your problems and difficult feelings with someone you trust and who is totally confidential. Counselling is a skilled activity which helps you to help yourself and provides a range of therapeutic interventions.. It should definitely be carried out by someone appropriately trained and qualified with a professional psychotherapy or counselling qualification. It is at its simplest an intervention in your life. It is a way of asking for and receiving help and should not be seen as a weakness, rather it is a strength to understand when you need a little help.
Its not something that is done to you or someone telling you what to do or how to sort out your problems. Its not tea and sympathy, its not lying on a couch talking to someone in a white coat with a clip board. Its also not just for someone with severe problems. Early intervention sorts many things out before they become bigger problems.
It can be difficult to talk honestly and openly with those who are closest to us in our lives such as your best friends or close family members. It is often easier to be more open with someone you don’t know well. True counselling is about helping and supporting you through your difficulties without judging your thoughts, choices or decisions. Successful counselling works because in the end it will be your decision to make changes in your life. Ultimately you may decide its not the right time to make changes – its your call. A counsellor may use a number of therapies to help and support you, they may guide you and help you to think more clearly about your problems and discuss with you what might help you to reach good solutions. Counselling will also teach you techniques and life strategies to use in the future.

Counselling is usually face to face but can work with couples or in groups. It can also be done over the telephone or online.