self harm

When you self harm or intentionally hurt yourself it is often a way of dealing with emotional pain and hurt. Sometimes unbearable inner turmoil. It is sometimes described as a way of turning invisible thoughts into something physically visible and painful. It can also be a way of escaping painful memories or in gaining control over some aspect of your life.
Self harming can often give a sense of temporary relief but this is only temporary as the underlying cause has not gone away.
There are also lots of ways to inflict self harm. Cutting , biting or scratching yourself are common ways as is overdosing on medication but there are other ways such as burning your skin, hitting yourself or controlling your eating by either not eating, over eating or vomiting after you have eaten.
About 1 in 10 young people self harm but it can happen at any age.

If you are self harming you need to seek some help. It can help to talk to someone you trust such as a friend or teacher or you could seek help from a professional help or counsellor. At Northernlights we don’t judge you, we just aim to help you through the difficulties with a problem solving approach to changing your pattern of behaviour.
If this is a problem come and talk to us and let us help.