Bereavement and grief. How to heal

Bereavement and grief

Bereavement broadly speaking is one of the most difficult times in our lives. It is the time we spend adjusting to grief and  loss. It is often described as a process of grieving but for any of us who have experienced it first hand we know it is so much more than that.

There is no standard time frame for bereavement and grieving. It takes some of us months, some years and everyone must learn to cope in their own way. Grief is the way the body and mind take us through stages of grief to enable us to deal with the loss but it can manifest itself in strange and unexpected ways. It can lead to anxiety, social isolation, loss of confidence, depression and low mood.

One of the things we at northernlightscounselling explain to our clients early in the programme is that usually a person who is bereaved does not get over the grief. Rather that it becomes a part of them, they alter themselves in order to deal with it and they learn ways to live with it but it remains part of your life. Once you understand that you are not trying to leave grief behind but you are learning to live with it in your life you begin to heal and move forward.

There are practical ways to deal with  grief which allow you to heal. You may go through some of the stages of grief such as denial and shock. Anger and hurt is a huge part of the grieving process and talking this through with a trained professional can be very helpful, northernlightscounselling  have counsellors and therapists who are very experienced in dealing with bereavement so come and talk to us -let us help.