Panic Attacks

Panic attack
A panic attack can be described as a sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety or fear. It really can be a terrible feeling with physical symptoms such as fast heart beat, sweating, dry mouth , feeling faint, a sensation that you cant breathe. Sometimes people feel as if they are having a heart attack.
An attack can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and quite often you will feel exhausted after you have experienced one. it is usually best to rule out any medical condition which can cause similar symptoms and once you have done this you can use counselling therapies to help.

A panic attack is generated by your body’s fight or flight mode. The body releases hormones mainly adrenaline and this creates the symptoms. It is linked to a primal survival instinct.
Panic attacks are usually harmless and talking therapies can help to reduce their incidence and to manage them better when they occur.
Come and talk to us if you suffer from panic attacks and we will support you to understand and manage them better.
Panic Disorder
If you suffer from very frequent panic attacks you may have panic disorder. This is slightly different only in that they are usually more frequent and more severe. The exact cause of panic disorder is not entirely understood but it often has a psychological base. It may be post trauma, bereavement, phobias.
Panic disorder can also be helped with counselling therapies.