Get help to stop smoking

Over the last 3 decades it has become increasingly apparent that rather than being a glamorous pastime as we see in the movies smoking cigarettes/ nicotine is actually very harmful to our health. It is a very common addiction. There are so many benefits to stopping smoking and most of us are aware of these however it can be hard to stop on your own without help.
Sometimes although you want to stop smoking it can seem like an uphill struggle. Nicotine is very addictive. There are a number of programmes out there which will support you to stop but ultimately you have to take the initiative. When you stop smoking you want it to be forever and this will be achieved if you can change your whole attitude and behaviour towards the nicotine addiction.
There is a lot of research to show that even though smokers know the dangers it does not make them stop. You can only stop when you are ready and you want to.

Addiction to other substances such as heroin, prescription drugs / painkillers, meths, and marijuana are also areas we can help with. If you have a problem and you need some help and support come and talk to us as a first step. We make no judgements and are focused on helping you get your life back on track.