Addiction to gambling can happen to anyone in any walk of life. It can be scratch cards, bingo, poker, slot machines, the horses. Online gambling is a big issue now and the gambling companies advertise heavily on the internet.

Gambling addiction is also known as compulsive gambling or pathological gambling and it is categorised usually as an impulse control disorder. You cannot control the desire or impulse to gamble even though it might be destroying your life and your relationships.

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Financial hardship is one of the first signs that your gambling is out of control. Most heavy gamblers know that there is a problem but some of the signs and symptoms that you may need help are * Being secretive about your gambling. * Being unable to stop gambling. * Gambling even though you don’t have the money. This can lead to other offences such as stealing. *Ignoring advice from family and friends when they try to talk to you about gambling.

Gambling may be a symptom of some deeper problem but you do need to seek help and support if you feel you have a problem.
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