Alcohol dependency

Dependency on alcohol is a growing problem in all age groups. It is described as a serious form of drinking which is often uncontrollable.

Often the terms alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency are mixed up but there is a very big difference in how these two are approached and treated. Alcohol abuse is quite common in that a person can regularly drink excessive amounts but quite often manages to carry on with their lives. It may affect them physically in the long run and also may affect their work or social life. It can be the pre stage of alcohol dependence and definitely needs addressed earlier rather than later. Excessive consumption of alcohol is often a symptom of something else such as high stress levels, low self esteem, low confidence levels, post trauma situations or social isolation.

Alcohol dependence is when alcohol takes over your life and begins to destroy your relationships, impact on your family or close friends and means you cannot continue to function in the important areas of your life such as work. With alcohol dependence having a drink becomes the only thing that matters and an individual needs more and more alcohol to fulfil the need. Again it is often a symptom of deeper problems.alcohol addiction

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