Bullying at work and corporate bullying


Bullying at work and corporate bullying

bullying at work

Are you being bullied at work? You may not even recognise bullying for what it is. Its a very common problem. You may be being bullied by an individual or by a group of people. You may also be bullied by the organisation

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Bullying is health harming mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators.

Bullying and harassment is unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended. It can be hidden and is not always obvious. Equally it can be persistent or infrequent. Sometimes it is hard to know if you are being bullied. Sometimes poor managers use bullying techniques and poor management almost always allows bullying to happen.

If you do not know if what is happening to you is bullying or harassment have a look at the ACAS website and you will find a lot of helpful information.

If you are being bullied it can be very harmful to you in the longer term. Make sure you talk to someone you trust. Don’t just put up with it. Counselling therapies can be very helpful for bullying as they can equip you with some strategies and techniques to deal with bullying.

If you think you are being bullied come and talk to us. We can help. Give us a call or contact us through this website