What our clients say about us

I was feeling numb and unable to grasp what had happened. I was referred for counselling and I was nervous not knowing what to expect. Also a bit sceptical. Although it has taken a while for me to begin to recover I couldn’t have done this without the help of my counsellor.

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Previous Client ( Bereavement)

I decided to go for counselling because I didnt know what else to do.I was  feeling really  out of my comfort zone. Everything was crowding in on me. I didn’t know if this was a good idea but I knew I had to do something. I needn’t have worried. The counsellor was very welcoming and made me feel relaxed very quickly. We discussed some ways to cope with my stress. I am so glad I visited as I feel able to cope so much better. It really worked for me

Previous client ( Stress at work) What our clients say about us

When I look back I was in such a bad place. I had let things slide, get out of hand, go too far. I felt I could never feel happy again. The counsellor was very skilled at helping me to discuss my issues although I found this very hard. As we were discussing things that were very personal to me I felt as if someone had switched on a light and I could see things much more clearly. I still have bad days but i can cope better now

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Previous Client (Depression)

Are you stressed/anxious/ being bullied

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Our Prices

You can see our prices below. These are normally fixed but we can on occasion negotiate where circumstances require. There is no fixed amount of sessions, some clients need one or two and for others it is longer term.

  • Assessment session (1 hour) £35.00
  • Follow up sessions (1 hour) £35.00
  • Longer session (1.5 hours) £45.00
  • Relaxation session (1 hour) £35.00
  • Attendance at a half day educational event or group can vary depending on the topic but usually £20.00 per person.